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Peace Travel Service

Why We Are…

Why We Are…

Why We Are…:PEACE Travel Service has been established by highly experienced tour guide” Zerrin Sapmaz” who has been guiding since 1993 and it was founded as a highly experienced tour guides team who are the bests in Turkey and Europe as recommended guides. Therefore:

-Peace Travel Service, a boutique agency, has been offering expert advice to savvy travelers, Located in Istanbul, Turkey but with a clientele based all over the world. PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE works with Travel Advisors who are the licensed Tour guides as highly experienced and recommended guides in their own destinations. Therefore, we offer personalized travel advice with our guides and advisors who have journeyed by themselves or with guests and been highly experienced about destinations, can offer genuine advice. You can be assured a journey of a lifetime.

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-Because of experiencing of our guest’s needs, problems, preferences, choices together during tours for long years; we are able to answer all kind of questions easily about destinations, tours, distances, flights, difficulties, lifestyle, etc.

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– At a time when travelers can easily become overwhelmed by an excess of information on the internet, spending hours perusing through fares and hotel websites, working with an experienced travel advisor is priceless and timesaving. Our advisors can assist with every aspect of your travel, from getting a great deal on a domestic flight to handcrafting extensive itineraries to exotic destinations, making every journey an extraordinary one!!

– Our guests are able to, and deserve to have peace of mind knowing that we are available to assist you 24 hours a day and responding your calls, e-mails back as soon as possible.

– Sometimes, younger or time pressed guests may want a fast paced long day.  We can set the pace you want. On the other hand we have many guests who want to visit a sight and then have time for reflection. They are the folks that they don’t want to be overwhelmed. That is completely understandable. We can also tailor specific tours for shoppers, cooks, photographers, and history buffs in Turkey and other countries. Just let us know your specific areas of interests. We can make you feel at home by advising you of the customs in both countries.

-We are available to make arrangements to all highlights in Turkey and other countries such as Ephesus,

*Let the magic start for you! Begin your dialog with us, and we will start planning the trip that will create lifetime memories!
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