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Peace Travel Service

Who We Are…

Founder of PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE, Zerrin Sapmaz says;

I’m one of those lucky people! I get to live my passion each day when I introduced you my beloved country. Exploring Turkey can seem overwhelming, but I make it effortless. I am a Turkish woman who has been in travel business since 1993. My degree is in tourism, with an emphasis in history and culture. Sharing my experiences in my guiding life and special destinations in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Gulf Countries such as UAE, Oman from A to Z was my dream and has come true with PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE.

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PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE has been established as a Licensed Travel Agency of TURSAB under the Foundation of TGZ Tourism Org. Consultancy Limited Company.

It is a pleasure for us to realize your travel dreams as PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE Team. We prepared this website to provide the ultimate information in travel services from planning to home going…

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I am very happy working with a highly experienced team who has been assisting me in the office and other destinations of Turkey and Greece. We are warm and outgoing by offering many unique and memorable travel experiences including amazing destinations, excellent service and value for money. Tell us how much time you have, and any particular sights you want to see. We can answer all of your questions you have and customize your holiday. As our team, we meet our clients as strangers, but we truly part as friends. See for yourself by looking at our ratings on Trip Advisor, when considering a guide you need someone who is absolutely dependable and will anticipate your comfort.

“We are so proud of ourselves on our ability to add a specialist personal touch to each tour we handle. It is very special for us that our guests go back home with an unforgettable experience to remember…”

We extend warmest wishes to you and hope to meet you to explore Turkey and other countries together with many exciting and interesting options we offer!
As we say “Do not hesitate to be like a local while exploring the destination/s with us!”

The religions and Civilizations in Asia Minor and Europe have fascinated me all time. I am so proud to make my country understandable with its culture religions had been lived and still have been being lived. Mixture of ages, cultures, life styles make Turkey and Greece more interesting to visit on the both side of Aegean Sea.

In spite of being half Turkish and half Greek; I have been passionate to meet with different cultures and viewpoints as much as sharing my passion for Turkey and other countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, UAE, Oman with people in all over the world.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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