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There is nowhere in the world stirs up passion quite the way Israel does. Admiration at the amazing beauty of its natural features: Dead Sea, Green Hills and Valleys of Israel National Trail and of course multi colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon.

Jerusalem is a wonder where all believes had met during history. Temple Mount of Jerusalem is among the most revered in the world for religious piety in the Jews, Christians and Muslims who come to visit the Holy Land’s sacred sites.Check and Follow us in Trip Advisor

Today, modern Israel locates on the site of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah. It is the birthplace of Hebrew language and Abrahamic religions. It contains holy lands of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although coming under the sway of various emperors and home to various ethnicities. The land of Israel was predominantly Jewish until the 3rd century and had become increasingly Christian between 3rd and 7th centuries. After the conquests of 7th century of Muslims, it had become largely Muslim community. A focal point of conflict had happened between Christians and Muslims between 1096 and 1291 especially with Crusades. So Jerusalem is very important sight to be visited for everyone in all over the world as the meeting point of 3 biggest religions of the world.

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