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Greece is a kind of magnet for everyone who loves the amazing outdoors. Walk along cobbled, Byzantine footpaths, hike into volcanoes, swim in crystal waters with dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through lush forests by the coastline. It is quite understandable why so many myths of gods originated in this varied landscape. There are wide open skies and a sea speckled with islands . Your days run from one to the next while it is relished the sandy and palm fringed beaches. Greeks are proud themselves with their food and drinks. It is one of famous countries in all over the world with their mezzes and local drinks ouzo. They have fresh fish straight from Aegean Sea to cook and They cook mussels by steaming in ouzo, and They have so delicious olives, breads.  Yummy…

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The capital of Greece , Athens and many other cities either mainland or islands of country are very rich with historical sites such as Acropolis, oldest Olympic stadium of history in Athens, Delphi, Lindos, Mykonos, Tessaloniki and many others.

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